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Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala is a Yoga School dedicated to student growth, inspiration and health. In addition to our full schedule of yoga classes the Shala offers teachings on yoga asana (postures), breath practice, meditation and philosophy. Read more...

Holiday Party
Moonday Holiday Party
Sunset Potluck
Sunday, January 20th, 5pm-8:00pm
Drinks and finger snacks.

Next Moon Days

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Workshops & Events

6-Month Kosha Series

The Inward Journey to Health & Happiness

with Diana Christinson
6 Saturdays, 11am - 1pm
- The Light Healthy Body
- Vibrant Energy
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Please read Introduction and Chapter 1, The Inward Journey, of Light on Life, by B.K.S. Iyengar before the workshop.

Life Coaching

with Diana Christinson
Private coaching sessions with Diana is an opportunity to bring your deepest self to the surface, set intentions and create supportive habits to make personal shifts, allowing creative new possibilities to unfold. More info...

Quote of the Week

"Sadhana is not just a theoretical study of yoga texts. It is a spiritual endeavor. Oil seeds mush be pressed to yield oil. Wood must be heated to ignite it and bring out the hidden fire within. In the same way, the sadhana must by constant practice, light the divine flame within himself." ~ BKS Iyengar

"You must know that the light you seek is in your own lantern." ~ Zen Proverb

Sadhana: practice
Abhyāsa: practice which is regularly and constantly practiced over a long period of time.

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What does it mean to you to have a practice?

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Diana's Message

I'm grateful to you for being a lightning bug in our mangrove. ~ Diana

2019 - Committed to Practicing Love

Committed to the year of practicing love and making our communities and world a loving and bright place.

Committed to Practicing Love

A Year of Loving Kindness

Join the Shala in committing to the Loving Kindness Metta Meditation for a year.
Day of 365

Loving-Kindness (Metta) is a Buddhist practice to develope impartial and unconditional love. It is reported to reduce irritation, anger and hatred, while improving patience and ability to forgive.



What does it mean to you to have a practice?
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Online Ashtanga for Beginners

with Diana Christinson and Lesley Fightmaster

The course is set up with a simple format of lectures (explaining specific methods of practice), tutorials (explaining postural alignment and modifications to poses) and practice videos (ranging from a 15 minute sun salute practice to a 45 minute introduction to Ashtanga practice). The course includes a 30 day plan for students new to the practice.
I hope this course will inspire you and create a healthy mind, body and spirit for you at your home or wherever life may take you.
Diana Christinson
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Love Big Inspires

Love BIG Journal

Love Big Inspires mission is to encourage and inspire people to continue to become the most healthy, happy version of themselves through reflection, creativity and growth. We want to encourage and challenge people to actively show up for life and be fully present for the moments and days, remembering each day is limited and precious.

48 Day Meditation and Practice Guide The Official Love Big app About Richard Beatie One Precious Life Workshop & Retreat

The Story of Us

Melanie Larinde
Yoga Practitioner – 28 years
Dedicated Ashtangi – 5 years

How I use Yoga in Life

Diana's teachings, combined with my personal Yoga practice, have given me numerous tools over the years, however, two main principles stand out that have allowed me to keep moving forward with a positive outlook in my life. Those two key concepts, namely, Clarity and Impermanence, have taken me to the next level in recent months.

Studying this semester's featured book at the Shala, "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl, I was inspired to finish a manuscript I have been working on with my mother for the past 30 years. After her passing last year, I knew it was up to me to complete and publish the work - no more excuses.

It is the true story of my grandmother, Augustina, coming to America in search of a better life, and her fearlessness and tenacity to keep on going, no matter what. And although the story is about my grandmother, it is really the story about each one of us. Augustina: A Novel based on a True Story


YouTube Meditation Outreach

Yoga and meditation are two of the most powerful ways to keep ourselves healthy, vibrant and happy.

Please visit our Pacific Ashtanga YouTube channel for our weekly 10 minute movement and mediation video.

As most of you know, our community at the Shala is now part of a non-profit charitable organization - The Merit Field Foundation. This is an exciting collaboration with our dear friend and Tibetan Monk, Chusang Rinpoche and his community of Buddhist monks in Nepal and India. It is our dream to create an outreach program that takes the simple teachings of yoga and Buddhist meditation to our communities where people can have a short daily practice to create more peace and happiness in their lives. Without any religious affiliation we hope to create a simple practice of breath, movement and seated meditation and extend it beyond our Shala doors to our friends, families and the larger community.

I invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel, watch our video and send the link to people you know that do not currently have a practice but may be interested in meditation or would be willing to try something new that might help bring more peace into their lives.

Please join me this year in taking the beautiful teachings and practice we share past the doors of our Shala in Dana Point and into the wider community.

Thank you for being part of our outreach and adventure.

~ Love - Diana

Dear Jack Foundation

Diana Christinson has partnered with the Dear Jack Foundation as their dedicated yoga and breath work instructor for the organization's Breathe Now Wellness retreats serving young adult cancer survivors and their signifcant others.

The Dear Jack Foundation supports initiatives and provides programming in order to promote positive health outcomes for adolescents and young adults (AYA), ages 15-39, from the moment they are diagnosed with cancer through survivorship.

Dear Jack Foundation's Breathe Now wellness retreats bring together young adult (YA) survivors and their partners to help rediscover balance in their relationship after cancer. Open to YA survivors who are one to three years removed from their last date of treatment, this thoughtfully designed four-day program harnesses the transformative powers of yoga, meditation, nature, and psychosocial breakout sessions, with a focus on the three themes of identity, strength, and balance. Dear Jack's Breathe Now retreats are professionally guided and designed to help the couple renew, learn, and grow as they live their lives together post cancer. Participation is by referral from the organization's partner hospitals.

Update from Diana - June 2018

"I have just returned from an inspirational retreat in Santa Barbara with The Dear Jack Foundation.
I was honored to share yoga, breath practices, earthing and mediations with the participants. It was exciting for me as this was the first time for everyone to participate in these practices. I had hoped to give each person a practice they could take home and incorporate into their lives.
I left with a heart filled with hope, gratitude and joy. I received the most; I was moved by each person's story and courage. Each participant had shared that they wanted to give back and bring courage and hope to others. I will share their inspiration and carry each of their stories with me.

Please join me as I continue to work with Andrew and his team at The Dear Jack Foundation."

~ Diana